Play Hard Hoops Feeder League First/Second All-League & Players of the Week 2019-2020

1st Team PHH All-League

Kevyn Nixon – 3rd Grey
Carter Davis – 4th Grey
Reed Dangel – 5th Grey
Andrey Layco – 8th Blue

2nd Team PHH All-League

Joel Paasch – 6th White
Vic Drake – 6th Blue

Sunday, February 23rd

Joel Paasch – 6th White

Saturday, February 22nd

Reed Dangel – 5th Grey
MJ Pasco – 8th Blue

Sunday, February 9th

Peyton Balanag – 6th Blue

Saturday, February 8th

Jaden Johnson – 3rd Grey
Drake Tiglas – 5th Grey
Xavier Vinson – 6th White
Montgomery Porter – 8th Blue

Saturday, February 1st

Xavier Vinson – 5th Grey

Sunday, January 19th

Jason White – 4th Grey
AJ Nixon – 6th Blue
Blake Szewc – 8th Blue

Saturday, January 18th

Kevyn Nixon – 3rd Grey
Travis Martin – 5th Grey
Ricky Gantar – 6th White

Saturday, January 11th

Connor Drumm – 3rd Grey
Conner Nissen – 4th Grey
Vic Drake – 6th Blue
Michael Pierre – 6th White

Sunday, December 15th

Reed Dangel – 6th Blue
Joel Paasch – 6th White
Andrey Layco – 8th Blue

Saturday, December 14th

Carter Davis – 4th Grey

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